Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Stroll

We're going to take a stroll today. I've always loved the French word for stroll: flaner. You pronounce it flah nay. Did you know that I double majored in English and French literature in college? Well, I did, and before you think me insufferably pretentious, let me tell you that I hated French.

Except for the occasional beautiful word like flaner.

je flanes, tu, flanes, vous flanez, il/elle flane, nous flanons, ils/elles flanent (there should be all kinds of accents over those es and as, but despite a valiant effort, I can't figure it out)

Anyway, we're going for a stroll.

Nous flanerons. (that would be French future tense)

We are going to stop and visit an artist and crafter named Ruth from Chase Creative Art House.

Ruth recently made me some custom bibs for Sophie. Yes, Sophie needs to wear a bib when she eats; otherwise, food gets everywhere, and we're all about dignity here. When I saw the amazing fabrics that Ruth uses, I asked her whether she could use them for a large bib for Sophie, and she said Yes. Here's one of them:

Ruth also makes amazing napkins out of these fabulous fabrics, so I ordered some of them, too.

They're the perfect size, reasonably priced and so much better than the paper kind.

Ruth is a graduate from San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in painting. She is also an art teacher and has been sewing since she was ten years old.

Stack'd by Sister Made was started by Ruth just over a year ago, and her sister Colleen helps her to sew. She started Sister Made to have what she called "Mommy Money" -- the freedom of getting her hair done without "What! You what for a cut and color!" by Mr. You Know Who.

Ruth says that her napkins are what she's totally in love with and that the idea is to keep a stack on your dining room table and use them as needed. They take up virtually no space in your laundry and do NOT require ironing.

I can vouch for that.

Ruth can also do custom orders and is happy to sew for others. She can help pick fabric and make different sizes and quantities. She makes small and large bibs as well as lunch bags and children's cloths!

Ruth can be found at:


I suggest you stroll on over there. She's offering FREE SHIPPING today and tomorrow to my readers. Just use the  code AMOONDISCOUNT.

Where should we go afterward?


  1. Really beautiful things.Have a wonderful stroll.The weather here is perfect for it.

    I hesitate to mention it but feel I need to acknowledge it ... so happy for good days for your sweet girl,which equates to good days all around,for everyone.Sending prayers for many,many more of these days.

  2. ah.. she's very talented.
    I sew , but like most things, have more intentions that actual finished product.

    a certain someone has been bugging me to make things to sell... I don't know if it's worth it with shipping etc. I should look into it.

  3. Enjoy the stroll...I only wish I knew sounds so sophistiquee!

    The fabric is so lovely too! Thank you for sharing...

  4. My favorite French word is eclair. And now I'm going over to visit Ruth because I like those fabrics.


  5. I adore cloth napkins and have never used anything else even if I'm eating from Taco Bell. There is just something so elegant about them plus paper towels are beyond my budget. Brava!

  6. The owls, what wonderful fabric...I think of looking down and seeing them sprinkled across my chest or lap. It was a strolling day, here in LA, the sweatshirt layers removed, for now. May I add a belated "holy shit" for Sophie's diagnosis, where had they been keeping the information all that time? And...where else did you go on your stroll?

  7. I would never think you insufferable, nor pretentious. I LOVE the French language (Italian, too - the little I know of it) and loved your little conjugation excercise. My grandmother, who studied French lit all of her life (even into her 90s) would have loved meeting and talking with you.

    Those napkins and bibs look fabulous. A good piece of fabric can be a lovely fashion accessory. I've noticed Sophie's kerchiefs in your photos and loved the look. You are SUCH a thoughtful and caring mother, and a gifted thinker and writer. I love discovering new things about you, and new ideas, through your blog.

  8. I was a French major too - but don't remember "flaner". I do love the Italian "fare una passegiata".

    And I love the napkins! We use cloth exclusively but I've been looking for new ones. These are so fun - thanks for the link.



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