Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cake Boys

I drove about 5 miles an hour with the boys in the back seat, keeping a red velvet cake perched on top of a tier. Cupcakes were in the back -- two dozen red velvet and one dozen vanilla with lavender icing. Henry warned me that I could get a ticket from the police if I drove too slowly. I told him to just pay attention to what he was doing and to keep those big fingers out of the icing. At one point, Oliver said This is just like Cake Boss! The cake was safely delivered -- unlike that time which led to this disaster.

I needed a beer afterward, which I drank with some pizza and salad -- a lovely Saturday night.


  1. Looks pretty precarious! Hence Henry's face, I guess...

  2. A family business. The best kind.

  3. I love your cohorts and their expressions!

    ... my kids watch cake boss too :)

  4. Because I know you so well, I knew, I just knew, where this post was going.

    We will be talking about that one for years. I am certain of it.

    Love to you my beautiful friend and have a happy Sunday.

  5. Those boys love you, Mom. Us too! x0x0x0 N2

  6. That little cake is so adorable. As are the boys!

  7. I love their very different expressions.
    Thank god the cake made it!!!
    And I'm glad the cops didn't stop you. Would have been an interesting conversation though!

  8. The adventures you share with your sons sound almost too familiar to me and I have no doubt that if we lived closer, our boys would be friends. I feel sometimes like I am your shadow puppet. I live here in the east while you live out there in the west and yet our lives seem so intertwined somehow? I want to thank you for your comments on my blog, when I speak of the "special few", it is you who I think of! I am so glad to know you.



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