Thursday, April 19, 2012


Nellie washed my hair, gently, in the salon sink this afternoon. She ran rough fingers over my temples and backwards toward the crown. She put a plump arm under my neck and lifted it up to get the hair out from under, and I imagined her thinking This head is so heavy, this girl's head so heavy, what's in this girl's head, as the water rinsed it all away.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my posts, lately. I love you madly.


  1. I so often think of the people we pay to touch us gently. The shampooers, the massage therapists. I think of how much they give us. Do they know? Do they know at all?

  2. love the imagery of the "heavy head" and what it is filled with.

    and that loving madly?... right back at ya :)

  3. This made me smile, maybe because my (beloved) massage therapist has said this about my head. There is something so tender and soothing about having your temples - and the rest of your head - massaged. I'm glad you received this gift today. Sending love to you.

  4. Healing touch...ah....

    What a gift you have - you can appreciate, deeply, something so basic and simple.

    Love you back!

  5. I love that you are a woman that says -"I love you madly"

    I am always in awe at what comes out of that heavy head of yours - so deep and earnest. That is a good word for you, Elizabeth. You are earnest and exotic and good, a lovely combination in a woman.

    I don't comment as often as some of the others but I come here everyday and I suck up everything that you pour out and it makes me more human. So thank you, for everything you do and for loving madly.

  6. Love that feeling of strong fingers in my hair. I can feel tingling down to my toes and that singular purpose - making me feel good. Ahhh. So unselfish. I love that you got that today and hope that your heavy head lost a few little, insignificant items in the wash water.

  7. I have never considered the weight of my head in the hairdresser's arms until now with this poignant post. I have however considered the wonders of the glorious massage of my scalp that the hairdresser gives every time he/she washes my hair. It's one way of washing away some of the worries that make a head heavy. I hoped it helped yours.

  8. there is a novel in that head of yours... i'm sure of it. and i don't mean one you've read.

    this makes me want to have my hair washed.

  9. @Ms. Moon - I think it takes a very special person to do this! My best friend is a hair stylist, and is such a loving, sweet kind soul. She gives so much love...

    and Elizabeth, you are just the neatest lady. Love you madly right back!



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