Tuesday, April 10, 2012

While I'm on the phone,

read this:

The ability to be faithful in a religious space and reasonable in a political one has atrophied before our eyes.

from the article by Andrew Sullivan, Christianity in Crisis. I promise there's something there for everyone and like nearly everything Sullivan writes, it's brilliant.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Andrew's article was a topic at the Easter table. I completely agree that he is brilliant! I should add that all the Sunday guests are Unitarians coming from both protestant and catholic backgrounds.


  2. I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I just think that the Very and Deeply Religious of any stripe have a streak of insanity about them. The story of St. Francis? Why would anyone want to emulate that? What does it mean? That to suffer is to be with God?
    I can't help but think that today's Extreme Christianity in the guise of politics or is it the opposite- extreme politics in the guise of Christianity? is as insane as any of it.
    I cannot parse it. I cannot believe in it in any of its guises. Take from the Bible whatever you want to prove- it's all there for the interpreting.
    We can completely agree and accept one verse and be deeply troubled by the next. It is proof of nothing to cut and paste what we would agree with.
    Okay. I could go on but I won't.
    It's an interesting article and I do not doubt Mr. Sullivan's intelligence or his faith.

    1. Ms. Moon: I hear you, and while my anti-religion sensibilities are perhaps not as fervent as yours, I am glad that Sullivan would take to task fellow conservatives and Christians for their bastardization of everything that is decent about Christianity.

  3. I stole this from wiki..."In Christianity, propitiation is accomplished through Jesus Christ on the cross in his crucifixion or sacrifice, which was made possible through his sinless life. He accepted and fulfilled the wrath and indignation of God. The crucifixion or sacrifice of Christ conciliates God, who would demand a penalty for it. The concept of propitiation is associated in some Christian theological systems with indemnity, imputed righteousness, and substitutionary atonement."
    Could you not substitute the name of any of our kids for JC...their suffering is infinitely more intense and of greater duration than a couple hour crucifixion....so they too are gods!

    1. Phil: Only insofar as Wiki is The Word of God.

  4. Wow, we really ARE on a wavelength today. I'm going to go read this article right now!



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