Monday, December 14, 2015

Blandeur or Grandeur?

We're still weaning the Vimpat, and tonight I went to CVS to pick up Sophie's refill and even though I'd girded my loins and steeled myself for something to go wrong, when it went wrong it still took me, if not by surprise, then for a fool. I'm not going to re-write that silly, silly sentence. I guess it's good that The Government and The Corporation are colluding to make it even more difficult to get your Addictive Narcotic Substance Prescribed By the Medical-Industrial Complex Worker, but honestly, Reader, where I used to be a fuming tiger at the counter I am now a whimpering, beaten, nakedly desperate soul.

Here's a poem:


If it please God,
let less happen.
Even out Earth's
rondure, flatten
Eiger, blanden
The Grand Canyon.
Make valleys
slightly higher,
widen fissures
to arable land,
remand your
terrible glaciers
and silence
their calving,
halving or doubling
all geographical features
toward the mean.
Unlean against our hearts.
Withdraw your grandeur
from these parts.

Kay Ryan


  1. My healthcare struggles have become so absurdly baroque – a cross between Vonnegut and Kafka. I'm listening to Sly Stone (not as loud as I used to)and dancing around the kitchen. Helps the crap fall away for a few minutes. Highly recommended.

  2. Well... I'll have a few things to say in a few days . Meantime, love you💜

  3. Oh no.

    I would love a world where less was happening. "Blandeur" is a great word.

  4. Ah yes. Our government is so happy to help us not to do drugs while also so happy to let us buy guns.

  5. I wonder how many of the folks who work prescribing and filling prescriptions and treating patients who suffer side effects from those drugs feel defeated and tired, too. I suspect it is far more than the folks working for the big drug companies hawking them to doctors and plying them with fancy coffee drinks and holiday gifts and catered lunches. The world is truly upside-down.

  6. In case you haven't seen this....

  7. They should have a chair there at the counter so that whimpering and desperate souls could drop into it instead of hitting the floor in shock.

  8. Sometimes it just too much. I wish I had been at your side. I would have held you as you crumpled and hopefully stepped into tiger mode on your behalf. Neither mode feels good though, does it? I'm sorry.



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