Thursday, December 3, 2015

Righteous Talk

Lots of righteous talk -- I'm guilty of it, too. I "unjoined" a lobbying group (that I've contributed very little otherwise) working to make cannabis accessible to all states because many of the congressmen and women, as well as senators that the group has to lobby are recipients of NRA largesse. I just can't do it with good conscience. I can hardly stand to look at the mothers of children with seizure disorders standing next to these men, thanking them for their support. I don't want to collude anymore. I love living in a democracy, having a vote and making my voice heard. I'm going to use it to support only those people who pledge to make gun laws stricter and who do not accept one penny from the National Rifle Organization.

I'm going to resist cynicism and risk righteousness.

Here's a guide to who gets what in Congress.


  1. Risk righteousness, you go right ahead. I agree with removing oneself from any thing having to do with NRA, it seems like really bad linking it's self to really good for all the wrong reasons.

    And I LOVE the header. Hadn't seen it till just now, spectacular!

  2. I'm surprised there aren't more Florida politicians on that list -- and the ones there haven't received much money, relatively speaking. Looks like almost all the recipients nationwide are Republicans, so there's little chance I'd be supporting them anyway! But bravo to you for taking a firm stand.



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