Friday, July 1, 2016

What We Do - A CBD Update and Some Truth-Telling

Fortune-teller, 1870s

You haven't heard much from me about CBD or anything, really, that's cannabis-related. Part of the reason for that is that Sophie is stable, doing quite well with a mixture of THC and CBD. I follow the news about the industry only rarely because it kind of, sort of, grosses me out. The grossing out is because most coverage is about money these days -- how people are making it hand over fist, how the industry is about to explode. I do worry every now and then that Big Pharma will eventually get their hands on literally everything related to cannabis and make it difficult for those who want and need to make their own whole plant medicine. I've stopped "caring" about the obduracy of the medical world and the labyrinthine clinical trials. It bugs me that you can convince people that it's wise to legalize marijuana because there's money to be made. I'm deeply disturbed by how messed up it is that many generations of young black men have been incarcerated for possession of marijuana and have no place in the new marijuana economy that is making untold numbers of white people very, very rich. I don't even need to type it all out. I'm repulsed by the notion of Marijuana Capitalism, but what can you do? It's the way of the world.

I'm a bit of a rebel but under no illusion that my tiny little voice is anything but inexhaustible.

I'm not a cynic, either -- at least not all the time.

What I can do is continue to answer the emails and telephone calls and texts that I get several times a week from people needing advice or encouragement or referrals. That's what I do. Not long ago, a woman contacted me about her son, a young adult who was having terrible seizures that were wreaking havoc with his life and his future. She had read my blog, felt a kindred spirit and needed encouragement. I emailed with her and spoke on the phone. I told her our story and encouraged her to contact my friend Christy Shake who makes THCa at home for her son Calvin. I told her she had nothing to lose and should blow off her doctor's caution. Today, I got an email from this woman that says it all:

Hi Ladies:

I wanted to let you know that your help has yielded great results. THC-A, made using Christy’s recipe, has kept my son seizure free for 5 days. And it’s given us a reprieve as he considers Onfi.

Thank you both for being truth tellers. 

There are so very few in the world. 

That made me so happy -- relieved, really -- that I can give back in some way.

Here's a cool interview that Jeneva Burroughs Stone did with me for


  1. Your wonderful writing, fueled by your (legitimate) anger can reach so many.
    Thank you

  2. As you write, you are writing history. I believe that, Elizabeth. I do.

  3. I'm working on a lot of posts about truths. It's so complicated.

  4. Just watched a Netflix film 'Ilegal' from Brazil about mothers' activism on behalf of their children who need CBD/THC and were struggling to get it into the country. You probably know it. Thought of you and Soph, of course.

    XX Beth

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  6. Your title caught my attention. When you were 20 did you ever think this is what you would be doing with your life? And I agree with Mary. You are writing history. When we are all dead and gone people will have all that you fought for.

  7. You and your voice are changing the world. Never doubt it.



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