Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm now a mother of a kid with braces

1:50 PM

3:14 PM


  1. Must have a water pick.....I am the mother of 3 kids who had braces and two to come. Love the red and green bands. Just don't go all green. We made that mistake once and it wasn't good.

  2. Kaching! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    My daughter got her braces off (her smile is gorgeous now) the same day my son got them on. My son just did green and purple bands. Some super-hero I am told.

  3. I would advise against all red also - the flash of a smile can give the unsettling impression of bloody teeth.

  4. Right of passage!!!

    Although your kid's teeth started out MUCH straighter than my kid's did. I love his dual colored rubber bands. You'll know he's really ready to be done with the whole process when he starts shrugging and choosing black rubber bands every time.

  5. Hope the ortho office has good reading'll be doing a lot of hanging out there!

    I like that kids get to choose the color bands...some way for them to enjoy(?) them.

    Our son is almost out of his...thank GOODNESS!!!!! Can't wait to see the work that has gone on behind the wires.

  6. That smile- even braces cannot dim it.

  7. I remember those days - he looks handsome, even with a mouth full of metal. Of course braces are so much more cool, these days...



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