Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have another drink


I'm having a salty dog.

Remember last week's post? I wrote about Gail Collins and her brilliantly funny posts about the current political campaigns in The New York Times. I mentioned that it's a fun game to find the sentence in her column about Mitt Romney tying his dog to the top of the station wagon for a family trip to Canada and marvel at how she does it. Then make yourself a drink.

Play here.


(and if you live in the southern California area and want a couple of passes to the upcoming college basketball tournament in Anaheim, I'm giving them away here)


  1. I am so glad you introduced me to Gail Collins. She's just darn fine.
    Uh. That Salty Dog looks really good.

  2. I love this game!!! Thanks for introducing Gail Collins to me as well. She's awesome.



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