Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a beautiful fall day in Los Angeles, cool enough that the heat came on last night. The skies are blue, the leaves are changing, there's snow on the mountains that you can actually see beyond the skyline. Spectacular. I've been to the dentist this morning, where I begged off the x-rays (added cost), leaked a few tears when the technician asked how Sophie is (not good), mentioned the broken dryer, a fallen cable from a fallen palm frond, and a message from Sophie's teacher stating please try to send Sophie in with a proper coat since it's freezing out and we want to take her for a walk. Unlike Single Dad, I'm not prone to the pithy letter, but suffice it to say that I leaked a few more tears, felt indignant because it's not freezing but, rather, in the sixties and Sophie was wearing a turtleneck and a wool sweater. Yes, The Husband brought her to school and given the situation with The Mistress, he's prone to forgetfulness, but -- well, it's not worth the defense. I told the dental technician that I was having a day of it and to try not to make me bleed. We laughed at that, and I lay in the chair, my eyes closed, my hands in tight fists (I hate the prodding), trying to breathe through the plaintive strains of Lionel Richie. Hellloooo, Is it me you're looking for? And then I began thinking about my high school boyfriend and did we really pay money to see Lionel Richie in concert and was it back when he was a part of the Commodores? Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do -- the song, insufferable, is actually well-suited to an addled middle-aged woman in a dentist chair, with bleeding gums.


  1. It's the little things and they all add up and some days we just don't have the defenses.
    I go to the dentist on Thursday. If I hear Lionel Richie while my fists are balled up I might sock someone.

  2. Sounds like too, too much on a rainy day.

    This is a beautiful, concise little piece of writing, by the way. I always love to read your words, even if I don't comment. xo

  3. Didn't see this before our chat.

    Sorry for the morning. For the day. For the seizures. For everything really. Wishing I good carry some of it, but instead we will do this together.

    Oh, and the Lionel Richie thing. Old boyfriend for me too. A concert that I dragged him to all because of that song .. "Endless Love".. Remember that movie?Oh to be young again like that.

    Zoey is still bowing that little head for you and I will to my friend. See you soon.

  4. oh my god, we are having parallel experiences today. i was in a dentist's chair this morning, crying from pain from an infected tooth for which i have already paid a million dollars twenty years ago, and then when i came home feeling sorry and sick, it was Simon and Garfunkel I played. I saw them in Central Park with my college boyfriend years and years ago. They made me cry and cry at the sweetness of it, the painful long ago sweetness of it.

    Here we are. How I love you.

  5. i'm so sorry sophie is not doing well. and i hate getting my teeth cleaned.

  6. Do these teachers not take courses in communication. " please try to send Sophie in with a proper coat since it's freezing out and we want to take her for a walk."

    How about,

    "We are really looking forward to take Sophie for a walk. It is getting cold and the leaves are beautiful! Sophie looked so warm and cosy today but could you send her coat along tomorrow just in case the temperature drops."

    I get indignant too when I get notes from teachers too. Usually they don't even have kids themselves which makes it all the more insulting or upsetting.

    If you have any further problems with her let me know. We will arrange for her to come to Canada and she can learn about when one needs to wear a coat. We go to the beach, wear shorts and sandals on days like that!

    Lionel Ritchie, huh? Well, we all made mistakes. At least it wasn't Spandau Ballet.

  7. Keeping you and Sophie in my prayers.

  8. I paid to see Bruce Springsteen at Wembley, London. I don't know how I aged, but I think I did better than him. About Sophies' teacher, I think she must be of italian descent for sure - we're always wearing six more layers than anyone else around. Hope your day is more peaceful today, Elizabeth. Baci.

  9. Lovely writing.

    Your post and comments made me feel so much better about MY intense dislike for having my teeth cleaned. I hate the prodding too; I always leave the dentist's office feeling like I have been chomping on glass shards.

  10. I always attribute the intensification of such feelings to changes of season; more dark and less light; the "dark night of the soul". The feelings are always there, like a "wound which never heals." I would suppose we all need respite from that soul weariness.

  11. Thank you for being so open .... You encourage me to do the same.

    I always wonder why they ask me if I want sunglasses. Maybe they ought to offer earplugs.

  12. So The Baby gets off the school bus on Wednesday and the bus driver says, "You need to wash her hair she is itching." I was stunned...implication being her hair is dirty? It's not. I shared my horror regarding this encounter with another mom of a special needs child who's teacher wrote her a note asking her to please cut the child's finger nails. She told the teacher feel free to do it yourself. She is autistic and it takes two hours and a major meltdown to clip one nail. What is this? Tutored parents of special needs children week with their perceived in inadequacies? I'm going to slug someone before the week is finished.

  13. That was TORTURE not tutored...obviously my spell check has a mind of it's own although tutoring these teachers in how to communicate might not be a bad idea.



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