Friday, November 25, 2011

A Love Letter to Cara

Dear Cara,

I lay on Sophie's bed this morning as the sun poured into her room, listening to one of the three CDs that you brought over to us on Wednesday with your beautiful girls. The sun was pouring through the windows on this morning after Thanksgiving, and despite last night's difficulties, my heart swelled up out of sorrow and into joy. Each song so carefully chosen; words that crept, then danced around the room and my tears running down my face -- Of all my extraordinary friends, your ability to do this for me is something that I can only wonder about and accept as being nearly divine. Thank you, Cara -- thank you for your understanding, your silly humor, your tight hugs, your wisdom and understanding. Thank you for listening, for always saying the right thing, for your strength in combating your own illness, for raising two beautiful girls, for thinking of Sophie, for talking with Sophie, for believing in Sophie. Thank you for your attachment to us, for your holiness and deep spirituality.

All my love,


  1. this is holy, to have such a friend.

  2. Your dear words to Cara said so much. You both are blessed to have such a caring and supportive friendship. Hugs to you....

  3. What a gift to have such a friend.

    Love to you, Elizabeth...

  4. Everybody needs such a friend.

  5. You are blessed. You both are.

    I met Cara at dinner that night, when you so graciously invited me to tag along on your girls night out.I was able to glimpse the beauty of the amazing women in your life. Thank you for that. You are so loved.

  6. i'm so glad you have a friend like this. a treasure.

  7. This makes me so happy for you.
    I want to be like Cara when I grow up.



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