Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch after acupuncture and before school pick-ups, dentist, flag football practice and homework

Pico Boulevard

 Ceviche, Guatemalan Style

A palm over my car, my head in the clouds


  1. cool. I am glad you got a lunch to yourself. And such a nice one, too.

  2. dear elizabeth,

    i cannot thank you enough for your love and support for someone you do not even know. to me that says so much in believing that we can all rise in love around each other even from the greatest distance.
    joe is in the hospital and the situation regarding his heart is very grave. in his last note to me i felt him faltering. this call out for support is to rally his spirits for whatever lies ahead. thank you for strengthening the circle of love with yours.
    holding you and yours in the same brightness of intention.

  3. glad you got to have an acupuncture treatment, and a few moments of peace and good food.

  4. I love ceviche! My mom makes the best. Maybe one day you'll come over for a bowl of it, with saltines and beer.

  5. ooooohhhhh ... that ceviche looks amazing !

  6. The palm tree photo makes me smile!

  7. Yeah, I love that palm tree pic. Those tall Washingtonia palms are one of the things I like most about L.A.



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