Friday, November 18, 2011

My bathroom is so tiny

that I call it the Barbie bathroom. The lovely lady above stares at me every morning and I stare back. I love her so much. This morning, I stared thoughtfully at her as I picked up my Origins A Perfect World moisturizer and spread it on my face. It is a perfect world, she whispered to me through her silky mouth, and tonight, when I apply Origins Starting Over, I'm certain that she'll laugh and whisper the same.

Happy Friday.


  1. I love the name of your uplifting. A petite bath is cozy and warm, remember that.

  2. I think the names of those products should be reversed. Sleep is my Perfect World and what can you do every morning except Start Over?

  3. Every day is a new beginning.
    I love their Ginger Mousse body cream...oh, la la!

  4. That is SO what I need in my bathroom - a picture of a calm curvy lovely lady with substantial thighs. She could be my role model. I've already got the thigh part down.

    Every morning I slather myself with Origins Ginger Rush - the "intensely hydrating body cream." I can't tell you how much it pleases me.

  5. I may have to start buying Origins just for the names of their products!

  6. Oh, Origins has lovely stuff.

    And having just read the previous post about your walk with Sophie, I am struck by the notion that you are fueled by sunshine and humor (I'm counting sarcasm in that big basket, as well). The Barbie bathroom sounds like it has what it needs - Origins and that gorgeous picture.



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