Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shooting what you see

Some say LA is an ugly town, an urban polyglot saturated with billboards, grit and slapdash architecture. Whatever's natural -- bougainvillea growing on chain-link fences in brilliant shades of purple and pink and orange -- appears almost over-the-top, and the light in winter is so saturated and clear that it almost makes your eyes ache. It's no Yosemite, but I think it's beautiful in its own way.

Ruby Red Slipper at Melrose


  1. You may like my friend's art is featured here. I like San Diego better :)

  2. It is so true my friend. And as I remarked to someone else today, the beauty and the good is there, in everything, we just need to know where to look.

    My eyes are extra wide open lately. Like bulging.

    The shoes kill me. So LA. And you know, I am thinking were are not in Kansas anymore, are we?

  3. I was there this summer after several years away and my camera was my best friend. I would say that hands down LA is the most photogenic city of any I've been too. She's a true diva.

  4. I'm always intrigued by the sight of shoes draped over telephone wires, usually sand shoes or runners as we call them here. Ruby red slippers never.

    Wonderful images, Elizabeth, and as you say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. LA seems so familiar to us all because we've all seen so much of it in the movies.
    I love seeing through your eyes instead of the movie lens. You bring so much to us in so many ways.

  6. So many things to love about this tattered lady of the angels.

  7. Love it!
    Shooting what you see.
    Loving what you see.

  8. I heart LA. Endless source of buzz and inspiration. If one bothers to look beyond the Hollywood sign and the blinding light of celebrity (as you do every day), there's so much to be seen and found. Thank you for these glimpses today.

  9. I do believe that's Shepard Fairey working on one of his street-art murals. Good timing!



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