Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The State of My Affairs

I've always been good at crossword puzzles and fitting lots of stuff, neatly, into small spaces. I'm not so good at weeding out, getting rid, dusting, etc. That's what I've done today.

The only trouble is that, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to put it all back again.

I'll post the final results, but I'm a bit worried that I'll have a place to sleep tonight.


  1. Yes, please post. I could use the help.


  2. This is why I do not begin cleaning. It just leads to chaos.

  3. Smiling at the other 2 comments.

    I think the Internet would implode if I put pictures of my mess. Before I moved I was mostly organized and now I can't seem to find a place for anything.

  4. This comment applies to this post and the previous one.
    Beer lunch. Beer lunch. Beer lunch.

  5. I must agree with Ms.Moon. I'm having a "if you give a mouse a cookie" moment myself. I had the girls' rooms painted and now I don't want to put the ugly, old furniture back into their beautiful, clean, spare, freshly painted rooms. I have created piles. Everywhere. It's problem, which I decided to solve by sitting down and reading blogs.

  6. Ah, you are all my kind of people! I'm sitting in the corner of my sofa looking at piles of stuff I intend to sort through and find a space for since taking down my desk. The other day I was going through the 3 stacks of books on the floor, this one to the used bookstore, that one to a friend, this one a keeper - when I found a book I hadn't opened in years. I spent a happy 2 hours lying on the sofa reading essays from Ursula LeGuin's Dancing at the Edge of the World.

    Organizing: 0
    Me feeling happy: a zillion!

  7. These kinds of tasks always leave me feeling more undone than the closet, frankly. I am good at weeding out and throwing things away or donating, but I have a hard time deciding where to put things that I want to keep when it is time to put them back.

    I hope you sorted it all out.

  8. I have a simpatico relationship with dust ....

    Maybe it's your weather change :)

  9. when you're done with yours can you come over and organize me?

  10. Your pictures remind me of a writers apartment in Greenwhich Village. I would have large prints made of these pictures and frame them to memorialize how rich and incredible your life looks before you move a thing!



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