Sunday, November 13, 2011

There are mustaches to be worn

The world is spinning around and there's much to discuss. There's The Age of Aquarius which began just the other day, there's the OWS movement, there's the ka-ching of money and the hallowed football halls of Penn State where men are allowed to rape little boys and heads are turned and gray areas are evoked and entered into, there is black and there is white, there are new medications on the horizon for seizures, and side effects to consider, the heart sunk; there are surgical procedures for the brain and software to buy for computers to help the brain, there is poetry popping out and memoirs written in situ; there are political debates to mock and more to dread; there are websites that track the doings of the diabolical left, there are vegetable gardens to be planted and baseball games to be won; there are relatives beginning radiation and relatives getting old; there are dinner parties to attend and mustaches to be worn.


  1. You are so beautiful that even a mustache does not detract from your gorgeousness.
    You silly thing.

  2. Discuss away!

    And I would really appreciate if you could start with the Penn State debacle. I just cannot wrap my brain around it.

  3. My son is growing a moustache. I am not sure what happened to my baby. How can he be taller than I and growing a moustache? With all that is going on, his moustache makes me smile and feel glad.

    Love yours!

    PS- Penn State. It appears we still live in a world where there are the untouchables. Sick. Sad.

  4. The Penn State story seems to be
    expanding as it unravels and leaks.
    Gov Corbett: "If you talk to people who have worked with Second Mile, it has done great work.... But in this case, as the allegations indicate, some of it was used to pick on some children and the term was used, grooming, groom those children for Mr. Sandusky's purposes."

  5. Gray areas evoked and entered into ....

    It's all about the empire and money isn't it?

  6. Lo and behold! the long awaited mustache

  7. Multiple times I have seen your lovely eyes with a touch of mischief in them and that teasing smile in the commnet section of Leslie's post. I have been intriqued. This morning I investigated and was not disappointed. I'm smiling at your style of writing---lots of important info squeezed in and then -- a moutasched face. Good one! As I go off to face 134 high school students this morning, I will remember that and smile.

    Oh and I looked around and followed your suggestion to read Gail's editorial. What a pleasure and a hoot! :>) And here I thought the reading material might be a bit bland on this rainy Monday morning!

  8. love your little mustaches :)

    and feeling a little hopeful, for new meds? (but understanding the accompanying fears)

    and sorry to read about a relative beginning radiation...

  9. Elizabeth, you are a breath of fresh, warm air.

  10. This is all I saw:

    'relatives beginning radiation'...

    Hope it works out.

  11. you ooze real.
    I miss you . Not just because I'm behind as per norm, but because I've let so much fog into my brain that it has left all the beauty seemingly beyond reach. Out there.
    I need you in my here. My am.

  12. And today I don't want to do any of it. I just want to sit here with a purring kitten on my lap and read and sip tea and feel melancholy. Thanks for reinforcing my decision to do just that with your exhausting list.



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