Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A post about hallways and home

I'm still really proud of the photo that I took at the Ugly Hotel I stayed in on my business trip to D.C. this week:

I'm just wondering what they were thinking when they decorated? Your comments in response to my The Shining reference were hilarious. I think my favorite was about the identical twins. That really WAS the most frightening movie ever, although one of my favorite film-makers, the guy who made Pan's Labyrinth, has a new movie coming out called MaMa that looks even more terrifying than The Shining. I saw the trailer for it not too long ago with my friend D, and we both nearly jumped out of our skins. I will NOT go see it. In any case, Oliver lay down all his Kid Time magazines in our hallway this afternoon and spent an inordinate amount of time using his iPod Touch panoramic camera to take a photo. The photo didn't come out nearly as well as my simple photo of our hallway, but I promised him that I'd show you his "TimeLine." Here it is, and I'm feeling a bit better which means I probably only had a small virus and not the dreaded flu OR the Chinese remedy I took this morning did its work:

I sure am grateful to be home and looking down this hallway, feeling better already.


  1. I took a photo of the hotel hallway where we stayed in Thailand that is eerily similar to the one in DC. I like the Timeline hallway much better! Glad to hear you're not as sick as you feared, and I hope it goes away completely very soon.

  2. Why do so many hotels look like featureless products of the East German architects' league?

    Ha! "Time line" -- love it!

  3. Your picture wins for composition, hands down, but Oliver's wins for life - there is so much life in that hallway, that house. Zero life in the hotel hallway, although it does take me back to my travels for work, brings back that hotel smell and starts to give me a stress headache, so your picture does win for verisimilitude.

    Glad you are feeling better. x0 N2

  4. Phew! That sounded like it could have been bad. I'm so glad you're better. Love the Timeline too. What a clever boy.



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