Sunday, January 13, 2013

Close-up blow-out

So, when you read this I will be on a plane, heading to the other coast. I'm making a presentation on Monday morning for My Job. I got a haircut yesterday from a guy who's no bigger than my right thigh. He might have been about seven years old, too. He showed me a photo of his family -- a beautiful Filipino one -- and he pointed out his mama and told me that he'd made her beautiful. She was beautiful and about as big as my left thigh. She was probably about as old as me, too. When I get my hair cut, I steal glances in the mirror every now and then and feel nearly horrified. There's something about the wet hair slicked back, the creases by my nose and the chin, oh, the chin! I can't look away fast enough, and I might even hum as I  do. I can't even shift my head to make the chin disappear because I might mess him up, and I imagine what would happen if I just stuck my tongue out at myself. The no bigger than my right thigh hairdresser asked me whether I wanted my hair blown out, and I said, OK, sure. I felt different when I saw what he'd done -- I'm not a blow-out kind of woman -- and when the boys and The Husband saw me, they thought it looked good. I swear Sophie looked at me differently, but I can't be sure. A few people that I saw at Oliver's basketball game and Henry's lacrosse game exclaimed that I looked glamorous, that they loved my hair, what had I done, where was I going? Earlier, when I had asked the hairdresser what type blow-dryer I should buy as I don't own one and generally go au naturel, he told me that it wasn't the blow-dryer but the technique that mattered, which basically means this is the last time my hair will look like this because I can't be bothered to do what it takes, at least until I go see him next time. I thought ya'll should see it before I go back au naturel and let go, let God, let myself go.


  1. Well, you certainly do look fabulous. But I also think you look fabulous au naturel. I'm with you about the hair efforts: who has the time? As for the creases and the rolls and things, I'm always trying to reclaim them. Love the wub, etc. An ongoing campaign in my own head.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. My hairstylist, who is a little bigger than my right hip, has been doing my hair for twenty years. She knows that I need a style that requires nothing more than a blow dry in winter so my wet hair doesn't freeze on the way to the car. That blow dry, for me, consists of just that--no fiddling with any accessories. Straight forward blow dry and a head shake at the end. Did I mention that anyone can recognize me from my hair? Hasn't changed style in all that time. Good luck!


  3. Oh Elizabeth!
    1. Your writing here is as gorgeous as your hair.
    2. Do you get to spend the night alone in a hotel?! Do you???

  4. Well I AM a blowout girl and I am here to tell you, it's worth it from time to time, for all the reasons you have mentioned above. You're even more gorgeous. Bon voyage!

  5. You look gorgeous dahlink. But you also look gorgeous au naturel.

    and do i ever know what you mean about catching oneself in a salon mirror. i have a friend whose mantra is, never catch yourself in untrained mirrors. i know what she means.

  6. I don't like getting my hair done because I can't see anything because I can't see without my glasses. I am a total blur while I stare into the mirror. It is not until the end of the cut that I get to see what has been done!

    You and your hair look fabulous! Go for a blowout more often just because you deserve it. :-)

  7. Oh, you make me laugh. I step out of the shower and am cruelly faced with a large, large mirror. Lately, I avert my eyes. And yes, I think I might even hum. Your blow out looks lovely. I say take lots of photos and at the very least use one as your FB profile picture.

    And what will you be reading on your flight?

  8. oh my goodness, you look STUNNING! love the haircut AND the blow out. good luck on the presentation and safe travels to you (ps, where will you be?)

  9. Love your sense of humor - you make me laugh. Good luck with your presentation.

  10. Tres tres glam!! I know how you feel, somehow when i'm staring at myself in the mirror at the salon attempting to convince my grey hair that I am in control I wonder who the hell that old person is staring back at me, then I suck in my cheeks and my belly and try to remember to count my blessings. Doesn't usually work. Good luck with your presentation! I hope you blog about it.

  11. I am a blow dry kind of girl. And a straightener kinda girl as well.

    Only question is, how will I ever keep it up into my 80's. Which I fully intend living to.

    No matter. I will just keep doing. You should too.

    Good luck with everything.

  12. Love the hair! I never knew what a difference blow-drying could make until I saw my Peace Corps roommate back in the states, where she had access to a blow-dryer. She looked like a totally different person!

  13. Good luck with your presentation, Glamour Puss. Mirrors: there shouldn't be so many. Don't get me started about fitting room mirrors + the lighting. x0 N2

  14. Love your hair! I just got a very similar cut and told the stylist the same thing when she asked me if I wanted it blown out, that I never did my hair and it wouldn't look that way again. She turned me away from the mirror and worked for a relaxing long time and as she was spinning me back toward the mirror she said "I went fancy!" I wanted to hug her it looked so good, and so unlike me.

    The good news is that under my usual do nothing program, this cut still looks ok. And I can still do the headband or ponytail in a pinch.

    Hope all goes well with your presentation. Safe travels.

  15. If you have a good blow out (which I always try to do), nobody will notice any other imperfections (real or imagined)!
    Hope your trip goes well!

  16. You look lovely; the hair is spectacular. I agree with others who say you should do it more often because you deserve it. I hate to admit, because I'd love to think I was 'above it all', that I am fixated with doing all that I can to not look as old (in other words, saggy, freckled, wrinkled etc.) as I am.
    Kris M.

  17. You and me both, baby. I don't own a blowdryer either. Though one of the daughters recently bought one to keep in my guest bathroom for guests who might be horrified at the lack of glamor here. You do look gorgeous!

  18. You always look good ... Even on a 110 degree day in palm springs with a hat on your head and giant sunglasses :)
    You should just be you and if being you does not include the roundbrush and 30 minutes every day - well - you're in good company

    Now, on to read about your trip. I have been away sulking under gray skies for far too long ....



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