Sunday, January 13, 2013

So, in case you're wondering,  the government is downsizing, budgets have been cut, and the times I attended conferences during the Bush administration -- ahem -- I stayed in far nicer accomodations than the outlier hotel I'm in right now. Despite shrinking funds, though, the work goes on, and we'll continue to put our heads together and collaborate on how to improve the lives of children with epilepsy and their families.
I won't be able to blog much until later in the week, but my presentation on Monday uses that wonderful exchange we had with the young doctor seeking a residency in pediatric neurology a couple of months ago -- if I could figure out how to link to it on my phone, I'd do it, but the title of the post is "Blog Call" -- you can search for it if you're so inclined!
Here's the sad, little coffee maker in my bathroom, and when I flushed the toilet tonight, the color of the water was an orange pink sunset. I knew it wasn't from me, so when I notified the front desk, the manager said he had no idea why and that perhaps the water was rusty in the tank. Bless his heart.
I'm just telling you these things so that you don't think everyone working for the government is living high on the proverbial hog.


  1. Time alone. Uninterrupted sleep. But less then desirable accommodations.

    I'll still take it.

    "Bless (his, her, thier) hearts" Still one of my most favorite tag lines. Ever.

  2. Ugh, that hotel room coffee is always the worst. Even from a less-sad coffee maker at a better hotel!

    Hope the conference goes well!

  3. As a fellow govt worker I say Amen Sista. I remain grateful every day for my job and the chance to serve a purpose I am proud of. But there is no high hog living for most of us, that is for sure.

    Are you in DC? Those hotels are always a crap-shoot :)

  4. Not sure if this will work but maybe...
    Have fun, good luck and tell everyone I say hello!

  5. So no minibar and no room service, I'm guessing.
    Well hell. What's the point of working for the government then? You know I'm kidding. I am, as always, in awe of you.

  6. Indeed, those working in governement are the first ones to get laid off when the going gets tough. I wish you the best of luck. Re linking the conference, try one of the many free apps for conferences. I'm sure you'll work something out. It's feasible.

    Greetings from London.

  7. As a westerner, I believe I will never truly get the hang of "bless your heart". Of course I register the undertones in your usage, but when I've asked the southerners, they swear up and down it's only ever said in earnest. They swear this until I believe them. Bless my heart.

  8. A friend was visiting from North Carolina this weekend and I asked her about the use of "bless her heart." Her teenage daughter quickly quipped - Oh, they usually say that right before they say something viciously mean.

    Good luck at your conference!

  9. Wonderful to hear of your presentation! I'm sorry about the accommodation -- which is usually a big plus to being away! Look forward to hearing how the presentation goes!

  10. If the water in the coffee maker turns orangey-pink, I suggest making the hotel clerk a cup.

  11. My father's mother lived in Salem Mass. She was a deeply religious woman, tracing her heritage back to the Puritans. She was also a large woman. When my sister and I were children we would visit with her on Sundays, where we would often hear her exclaim "well bless my soul and body". For the longest time, we thought she was saying....bless my swollen body!
    Anyway, congratulations on your business trip and presentation, what a fine thing for you to do, you are changing the world (even if it is one orange water toilet at a time)!

  12. Just wash everything when you get home ....



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