Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Heroes

It's Spirit Week at The Brother's school, and Tuesday was Dress Like a Superhero Day. I imagine both my boys warrant a natural superhero status, given how much they help me and how much they endure, but both were insistent on using the costumes pictured above and working them into the theme.

Hence, Superhero Chicken and Superhero Horse.

I'm so proud of my boys.

Life is weird.


  1. They are real life super heros. Truly. But the costumes rock.

  2. I am proud of your boys, too.

  3. Owen and I frequently discuss which super powers we would have if we could. I think he would utterly adore to have either have the Horse Super Powers or the Chicken Super Powers.
    And I utterly adore your sons.

  4. Oh yeah. So unsung is the super power of siblings. They give our hearts wings.

    My sister saves my hide every other day and a half. Yeah, we really can't give them enough credit for all they do and go through. You're exactly right.

  5. This picture has stayed open on my computer since you posted it and I have come by it all throughout the evening and laughed out loud! They are super indeed!

  6. Ha! Awesome.

    I wonder what specific powers Super Horse and Super Chicken would have?

    1. Perhaps one protects us from the horse-manure coming from the far right, and the other gives moderates and the left some balls...I mean courage.

  7. All the time, I quote Ponyo in Tina Fey's stilted delivery: Life is strange and mysterious.

    My sister is expecting her third and worried about having a boy. I told her sons could be really wonderful, thinking about your boys.

    PS: I can do any of that stuff cheaper than Ms. Shangrila. Except concrete sydney. Duh.

  8. LOL - a weird life is the BEST life as far as im concerned :)

  9. They are super young men in every sense of the word.

  10. that is so fun! super heroes need to have fun too



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