Monday, January 7, 2013

The Annual Gingerbread House Stomp

What boys are for

It was time. Every year, The Husband and The Brothers make a fantastic, beautiful gingerbread house and every year, when the Christmas decorations are down and stored away in the attic, when the house looks serene and organized and uncluttered, relative to its Christmas curio shop look of the previous weeks, the gingerbread house is put outside on the grass and stomped to bits.

Yes, you read that correctly. Stomped to bits in an ancient boy rite. Here are some from past years: 2008, 2009, and  2010. This year, The Brothers added a broken lacrosse stick and baseballs as the instruments of destruction, which made me very uncomfortable, but what's a woman to do in the face of so much male energy?

I took a video for your enjoyment:


  1. "Party rockin'"...great tradition! I have a friend who burns her calendar from the year before as she sits in her hot-tub on New Year's Eve. I love traditions! Your boys are going to want to do that with their kids!

  2. OMG this made me laugh! Out! Loud!

    (Even the minor bickering really tickled me.)

    Here's another variation on the theme:

  3. My three boys do the same thing.....with a hammer in each of their hands. Once Hubs switched out the toilet and he let them bash that to smithereens on the back deck.

  4. Now that is an awesome tradition! Maybe one day you will watch your grandchildren (or great grandchildren!)smash their own gingerbread houses.

  5. i'm not sure what it is about destroying something. it is so liberating.

  6. Well, that didn't take long! LOL! I agree the chimney was the best part.

    Elizabeth, I've been reading your blog but I couldn't comment while I was in Florida over Xmas. There was some kind of mysterious technical conflict between my stateside computer (an old Apple laptop I leave at my mom's house) and your blogger page. Weird!

    I plan to go back and take a closer look at your "top books" posts. You've already given me some good reading ideas.

  7. my very first time reading you was a post about the gingerbread smash!

  8. After watching Oliver on this video, I am certain that he and Weston are cut from the same cloth. I have read your blog and heard your words whispering in my head, it was nice to finally hear your voice.



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