Monday, January 7, 2013

Yosemite, Part Four

There's this:

and there's this:


Our night walk through the forest on snowshoes!

And then there's this:

Oh, and this:

The Wawona Hotel, where we stay when we visit Yosemite in summer

and also this:

Oliver with very large icicle

and this:

Oliver's ART shot

Tired, yet? Because there's this:

and, finally, this:

Whew! That's one holy place, no?
Oh, Yosemite!


  1. i was hoping for more yosemite today. amazingly beautiful shots. that photo of sophie with her brothers is such a sibling picture.

  2. Awesome! So inspiring! And a night walk on snowshoes? That is officially added to my bucket list as of now. Thanks!

  3. Incredible shots. What a place. I'm so glad you got to take a family vacation. And you are one elegant lady in that photo of you!

  4. You are glowing! I love how Sophie always looks so peaceful, except for posing with her brothers, when she looks like any harassed (yet loved on) sister.

  5. Those are fabulously beautiful pictures and a beautiful place that I would like to someday see. And note to Alison P: snow.

  6. So glad that you got to go to our holy Yosemite with the husband and all of the kids and that it was fun and relaxing for all involved. Beautiful pictures. I haven't been there since before my son was born, so that will make it 36 years this year. You've made me want to go back. Happy New Year, Dear Elizabeth. x0 N2



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