Monday, November 23, 2009

In lieu of posts

I think I'll just throw some vintage photos at you this week. My parents are in town and staying in my room which makes it really hard to write.

Plus this will be fun.

This one jumps out. Me, sometime in the early to mid-seventies, reading, as always. Do you love the hair? How about the dress? I think it hit the floor and was my Christmas outfit for both parties and church. I believe my sister that year wore a floor-length jumper made of the Sunmaid Raisin fabric. Was there ever a more awkward decade in which to come of age?


  1. Sophie looks so much like you. I'm sure you know that.
    You are both so beautiful.

  2. I was thinking the same -- Sophie! Love the stocking in the background too.

  3. You look like Sophie.

  4. I do believe I had a pair of culottes in that exact same material. Ah the seventies!

  5. much the two of you look alike! She really is a spitting image of you.
    ♥ Jeannette

  6. I swear I have the exact same santa stocking with my name on it!!!! When I pull out the Christmas decorations this year, I will have to find it and send to you!

  7. Oh yeah, I had some wonderful dresses in the 70's, many my mom made for me.
    Wasn't that when prairie was all the rage. Gingham, floor length dresses with high collars and little buttons.



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