Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Obligatory Photos

Where's Waldo?

A Zombie Baseball Player

Mirtha did the make-up, and was called an amazing woman by Henry. I agree.

The hit of the party was this candy corn cola -- it made my teeth ache, just thinking about it.

I'm generally the Halloween Grinch, but this year I felt game enough to wear this giant, purple Teletubby costume.

It was strangely liberating to be Tinky-Winky, so giant and covered up. I think I haven't felt so UN-self conscious in twenty years.

Here I am with my friend J who had a fabulous orange wig. And here I am cozying up to Bert.

After hours of trick-or-treating, the boys had an incredible stash of candy. It was mind-boggling, really. They did the requisite sorting.

Talk about teeth aching...


  1. My God- you have such beautiful eyes! The teletubby costume really brings them out!
    And as to the candy- NOT NEARLY ENOUGH CHOCOLATE!

  2. Candy Corn soda?!?!?! Maybe if I was a kid again. I love the pictures. I especially liked the last one with the candy sorted.

  3. Great pictures. Love the candy sorting! I tried to get Paul a Bert (and me an Ernie) but the masks were all gone! I was in the mood for something silly too -- I felt too much like my usual witch to wear that costume.

    So far behind on your posts, looking forward to catching up!!

  4. looks like fun. wth? candy corn soda? first off, cool cans and all but candy corn in general makes me nauseous, so c.c. soda!?!? ugh. tummy doing backflips.
    anyway, looks like fun. great costumes!!
    um, tinky winky????? lol! that is hilarious! good for you for gettin' into the spirit :)

  5. Ms. Moon -- Thanks for the compliment. Somehow the expression "the teletubby costume brings them out" made me laugh. It was sort of like a burka, really -- I felt strangely free, though, which I guess I wouldn't in a burka.

    Corrie and Alicia -- We went to a party and they had the candy corn soda. I didn't try it but it looked disgusting.

    Mary -- There's something creepy about men in giant furry costumes, so perhaps it's better that Paul didn't.

  6. You look so huggable in your teletubby costume. Bert looks smokin' too. That candy sorting. My kids always do that too. It brings them such a sense of accomplishment!

  7. Oh, I love this posting! And you look smashing in purple. It does look like a liberating costume.

    My favorite picture is the one with the sorted candy, bird's-eye view, and your bookcases bulging with good things. Your house looks like a wonderful place to live.

    Our kids did EXACTLY the same thing with their candy after a night of trick-or-treating.



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