Friday, November 20, 2009

Seizures, Potato Chips and Us

Two nights ago, I was in the kitchen making dinner while Henry sat at the table doing his homework. Oliver was playing in his room, setting up all of his cars to make an airport parking lot. I had been to a luncheon, earlier that day and was munching on some gourmet chips that came in the swag bag one receives at these affairs. (Aren't I fancy?)

Anyway, I was literally munching these chips, or crunching these chips and evidently the sound was so loud in my head that I only SAW Henry leap up and run toward the door. I swallowed, hastily, and simultaneously heard and realized that I'd missed something and that something was probably Sophie who was in her room and had probably fallen because she had probably had a seizure and Oliver was yelling, Mom! Sophie fell! And Henry was already out the door, looking back at me, saying Didn't you hear that Mom? Sophie is having a seizure! 

And what could I say? Sorry! I was eating potato chips!

I mean, really, what does one say in situations like these?


  1. Somehow there is a marketing angle in there ... "Our potato chips: so good, you'll overlook a seizure" ... pass the bag along, will ya?

  2. OMG. Best Post Title ever.
    Um....maybe switch to caramels?

  3. I swear, kids only fall when you're not looking at them or able to hear them. My girl waits for my back to be turned before she'll fall. If I stand at attention, completely focused on her at all times, she will remain perfectly stable. The second I look away, she's on the floor. It can make a mom crazy!

  4. Elizabeth, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Hopeful Parents post today. And I know what you mean about those gourmet potato chips - some of them are so crunchy I've cut the roof of my mouth on them!

  5. That's the commercial Lay's is never going to make, isn't it?

    And you're right. I think gourmet potato chips should have a sound rating on the bag.

  6. I love your sense of humor.

  7. Those gourmet chips chips are just so dang crunchy dang it! Now I have a hankering for some.



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