Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Question of the Day

Why is the healthcare debate between the health of American capitalism and the health of American citizens?

(I'd love a good discussion, here.)


  1. What I don't get is how, if Americans had guaranteed universal health care, businesses wouldn't be going under like the Titanic due to rising insurance costs for their employees. I mean- doesn't that make sense?

  2. I think the debate is between corporate greed and the health of American citizens. There needs to be more balance, less inequality. Spoken like a true socialist Canuck:)

  3. While I think having a public policy that all of us could use is something to strive for...what the hell are we still doing fighting a war!?!??! (I know, this wasn't your question.) We are so premature at looking at healthcare for this country, considering we can't pay for it, when we are still hemmorrhaging dollars by the bazillions fighting a war that has gotten us absolutely nowhere.

    Could you imagine if we actually put THAT money toward healthcare reform??

    The bottom line is that no other country the size of the U.S. has a public health care policy. Sure, you can look at France (which is the size of what, Wisconsin??) or you can look at Canada who only has 33 million people versus our 304 million -- but none of these countries come close to our size.

    This is a very serious undertaking, and quite frankly, I'm glad there is a lot of thought and debate around the issue. Like I said, my bottom line is that as long as we understood how a public plan would be able to pay for itself, I'm all for it. But if starting it now means that it will cause our country further economic harm, I'm willing to wait to start it when our house is in better order.



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