Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bob Dylan's Carol of the Day

I was skeptical when I bought the new Christmas album, despite my steadfast loyalty to the man. But I actually like it, and I really love this song and video:


  1. I did love that. Thank-you. I wondered if you were going to post any of Bob's carols. I haven't heard the album (sort of afraid?) but that was pretty precious. The video was just perfect.

  2. I enjoyed that :) Thanks! The video is pretty cool. When the album came out the Radio Peeps on our local station were making fun of it something fierce. LOL... at one point a caller called in and said "you know how you want the family to leave and they won't? Well just toss that in and it'll clear out the room! That's worth the money right there!" LOL.. but it's not bad at all :) Thanks for sharing! I like that allt he proceeds for it goes to charity! (btw, I'm back now after a longish break)

  3. My husband, Jimmy, is dying for Bob's new album. Dylan is actually Jude's very favorite, next to The Beatles, of course. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That was beautiful! I didn't know Bob Dylan had a Christmas album out... I'll have to look for it!



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