Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Bright Morning

I have a sort of modern-day, virtual pen pal named Andrea who sends me bits of wisdom and witty conversation almost every day. She sent me this yesterday and while neither of us know who Robert Brault is, we both like his thinking. Thank you, Andrea!

Toss your dashed hopes not into a trash bin but into a drawer where you are likely to rummage some bright morning...
-- Robert Brault

And this isn't really a CAROL, but it sure is good and I just can't resist:


  1. Elizabeth,

    I'm delighted this morning to find myself quoted on your site -- and to discover who Elizabeth Aquino is. As to who Robert Brault is, that makes three of us who don't know.


  2. Excellent! Bob Marley and Dylan for Christmas! Love it and have both playing throughout the year. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Robert Brault!

  3. This bright and shiny morning, a bit on the cold side (25F) I am thinking of you and sunshine, Bob Marley would have frozen his musical derriere in this kind of weather so I am glad he stayed mostly in Jamaica.
    Robert Brault is right. Do we ever truly discard dreams? Not me, if I could be accused of something it is to hoard dreams, the ones that come true so I can show to the ones that wait how to behave. Come and have a hot latte with me by the fire my darling E.

  4. I love that quote - it's inspired! And it does make sense. In some cases, it's timing and mistaken identity that dashes our hopes; at another time, in another part of life - and way of seeing, our hopes may be realized. It's happened to me.

    Elizabeth, I LOVED the essay that you sent to me; thank you. Some day, we really must meet over coffee! I would love to discuss so many things with you.

    I know the essay focused on other emotions and events, but I want to tell you that your response to "David" was so much like my own; that was a life-changing experience for me, when I was 17 years old. I still remember the sense of awe and shock at the power of the beauty of his body, the way the stone was so magnetically attractive and his life-energy, though he was carved of stone. It was similar to the way I felt when I encountered "The Kiss" (by Rodin) at the Tate Gallery in London, as a college student. Unforgettable. Thanks again for bringing back such wonderful memories, and for sharing your experiences with me.

  5. great quote! i think i´ll need more than one though... besos!

  6. I love Bob Marley. Top five sexy.


  7. Love the quote and love that type of friend!



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