Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Red Schoolhouse

The good news is that yesterday I went to visit a possible school for Sophie to attend in the fall. The school is an all special needs kid institution-like place, the only one in the city that I haven't visited (and after visiting said schools, I generally open my car door, sit down and rest my head on the steering wheel while sobbing either quietly -- the early years -- or dramatically -- the current years). So, in anticipation, I wore a bullet-proof vest to protect my heart, a leaden hat to keep my wayward thoughts inside, and wings of foil to escape or foil) despair. My good friend Suzy C. again took pity on me and came along for the ride.

Guess what happened?

The school was GREAT! There were lots of trees and grass everywhere; the halls were open and wide and very clean. The teachers were calm and the young people seemed happy. There were no closed doors that when opened revealed rooms of young men spinning about or banging their heads against walls. There were no large posters from the 1970s anti-smoking campaigns of half-cancerous faced women with ash coming out of their mouths (I'm not kidding -- I saw it once at a middle school!). Instead there were happy posters on the walls and kids grouped in circles, working together. One large boy, or young man, sat at a computer playing guitar Hero and dancing in his seat. The teacher told us he was being rewarded for excellent behavior. Another young girl was dressed in traditional Mexican garb for the celebration later that day of Cinco de Mayo. She kept grabbing my hand and smiling at me.

I smiled back.

The woman who gave us the tour was a normal person.

Suzy C. and I marveled at everything.

I think I found a school for Sophie, and it has so completely surprised me that I might become an evangelical Christian.

Just kidding. (But I am grateful, feeling as if I've been touched, a bit, by grace).


  1. Oh Elizabeth.
    This will work out. This will.
    I'm goosebumps. Seriously.

    glass of red time.

    wv the big

  2. Hallelujah! Wait, do Unitarians say "hallelujah"? Whatever is correct, let it be known that I'm saying it!


  3. This is such great news!!! My fingers are crossed.

  4. Super!! Now you just have to stake the place out a couple of times, with binoculars - to see what is really going on! (just kidding, but I would so like to be a fly on the wall in my sons school).

    It's incredibly disappointing that the other schools you have visited are so Dickensian, but after your explanation of the school year and ESY in California, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    Hope all goes well.

  5. I'm so so so thankful for this answered prayer, or whatever you evangelicals call it. =) Happy for you and your entire family!

  6. this is what i have been hoping for. for you. for sophie!
    i am smiling right beside you.


  7. This is for Sophie (and I guess for you too)

    Hug her for me, please.

  8. Congrats! Acutally, let me make it bigger.


    What wonderful news!

    Greetings from London.

  9. I feel a lot of joy in your description of this school! This is good news, and I look forward to hearing the next step!

  10. I am going to think of this all day and it will give me a smile.
    I am SO happy for you, so happy for Sophie.

  11. Grace. That's the word for it, for sure. So very happy for you and for Sophie.

  12. That sounds like an amazing place! Do you mind if I ask what it was called? I was just wondering recently what my other options are here in OC.

  13. That is WONDERFUL news -- it sounds like a happy, nurturing environment! I am so happy for you...I may be having an evangelical moment myself!

  14. I'm so happy for you and Sophie. Fabulous news!

  15. The right school is about the only thing that would ever turn me into an evangelical Christian, I get it! THRILLED for you! WHEW!

  16. Great news! I hope I'll work out!

  17. So glad you made yet one more visit, and in a triumph of hope over past experience, a beautiful door opened. Best of all, you didn't dream it. It is real. It is real.

  18. So happy for you!!!!!!

  19. This sounds like such a good place for you and Sophie, too. Holding the two of you in our thoughts for the best outcome. x0 N2

  20. how absolutely totally wonderful!!! crossing my fingers it all turns out!!!

  21. I live in LA too and would love to know what school it is, though I understand why you NEVER tell people the name of your awesome hairdresser/favorite undiscovered bar/etc... still, what if I PROMISE it'll be out little secret?



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