Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why I'm Not Here

I spent six hours on the baseball field today.

I drank one mint julep at a Kentucky Derby family party. It was a strong drink and looked exactly like that photo.

I'm off to drink margaritas at a Cinco de Mayo Party.



  1. have one for me. on the rocks, with salt. please.

    enjoy every minute.

    monday my sophie will be on her way to yours via usps. so exciting.

  2. Can you believe I have never, in my entire Southern life, had a mint julep? What the hell is wrong with me? But we had mojitos tonight for Jessie's birthday with mint from the garden and that was good enough.
    Here's to you, Elizabeth! Enjoy those margaritas!

  3. Mucho Gusto Elizabeth. I think I am wondering why I don't have so much fun. Except I am secretly glad I was not on a baseball field for six hours. So I guess I'm saying give me the julep and margarita and life may actually be good. Did I really say that?

  4. Mixing it up I see. Good. Enjoy.


  5. Yeah, baby. Those juleps are YUMMY! And a nice, frosty margarita will taste great here when the temperature gets over 70!



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