Monday, March 7, 2011

While on my walk today,

I saw banks of clivia, and I thought about Sophie's sixteenth birthday tomorrow and whether I would make or bake cupcakes for her party at school. I noticed spit on the sidewalk shaped like a pocketbook and ran my fingers through a bank of lavender, then sniffed them. I heard birds singing and crows squawking, the double toot of the roach coach and a small child shouting I love you. The clouds to the north were puffy and rolled in banks over the hills while in the west they darkened. The shadows of the endless palms were long, dwarfed by my own. I passed a man with a dog that didn't look like his and a woman whose dog looked like her. I waited for cars at intersections and felt the dull ache of my heels and when I lifted my face to the sun it was warm and I didn't need to blink.


  1. Only you could make spit sound poetic.

  2. It was a good walk you just took me through, thank you love.

    Here, gray and wet I long for a ray of sunshine. Just one will do. The day is shaping to be one of "doing" more than anything else. Getting off this time consuming machine and going to plant my broccoli to cement my hopes for an early Spring.

    Love from here.

  3. Happy birthday Sophie.

    There is beauty all around us.

  4. Thanks for the peep inside your lovely head.

  5. Remember back to that day when Sophie was born,
    when the universe feinted a cloth so
    that the motions of life bittersweet took
    Praise! Beautiful hardship, tender girl, no longer sprite, beautiful curl.
    Gaining, gaining, sweet success, of wishes of blossom
    without duress.

    Congratualtions on your daughter's sixteenth birthday!

  6. You prose-poemed today too and I love yours.
    Cupcakes are always good. Happy Birth Day to you, Mama, and happy birthday to dear Sophie.

  7. Happy birthday Sophie. i love your poem.

  8. thanks for slipping me into your pocket next to your warm love notes to the day.

  9. Wishing all of you a day of love and celebration. How beautiful, the poem from Eric and your walk amid palm shadows with warm sun. Happy Birthday to Sophie. I sense something remarkable in the air.

  10. Happy birthday Sophie! MMmmmm I love me a cupcake ....

  11. Happy birthday to Sophie-- I hope the day is joyful for you all!

  12. I love this vivid stream of thought you share with us.

    And I wish Sophie a very happy day today! Lovely note from the art teacher.

    Hugs to you my friend xo



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