Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charging Coffee

Dante's Beatriz and Virgil by Gustave Dore

I just spent a good hour on the phone today with a major coffee company and then my bank, disputing an online order. I didn't order any coffee, and the coffee company confirmed that, but somehow a good amount of money was removed from my checking account and paid to the coffee company. The bank is taking care of it through its fraud department, so all will be well, but I had a moment of panic that someone had stolen my identity. My next thought was that I might not mind my identity being stolen if it meant that I could start all over, at least financially. I'd trade my name, even, if it meant my financial woes went to another person using my name. It makes me laugh to imagine what someone stealing my identity would get on their plate.

As for a new name, I'm thinking Beatrice. And I'd go back in time, too, and be Dante's muse.


  1. talk about looking on the bright side. this made me laugh. sorry.

  2. I love, love the idea of someone stealing my financial woes!

    Unfortunately, from my sister's experience with identity theft, I learned that the thieves rarely assume the burden of any financial woes, but instead create more of it.

    And to order coffee on-line ... it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Are the theives now sitting down to a nice cup of French press coffee with a splash of cream? I wonder.

  3. making me laugh hard, considering my own situation!!!

  4. Well, Beatrice, I'll be looking forward to your postings--Dante's too.


  5. Okay-- this is a little weird. I've ordered coffee from a major coffee company to be delivered to me here at the VCCA, but I haven't received it. If I call them, and they tell me they accidentally sent it to someone named Beatrice, would you forward it to me?

  6. Mmmm....
    At least it wasn't porn or diamonds. I guess.

  7. My bank called me with suspicious charges once......$700.00 worth of Star Wars games. I had no idea...Thank God they caught it and took care of it. Never did know how it happened. Coffee is at least something I might buy....Since I am your twin I shall chose the name BEATRIX so we can be Beatrix and Beatrice. I am more the mental and literary equivalent of Ms. Potter....although she was a shrewd business woman and conservationist.I once had twin patient's named Jaqueeze Javonte and Jaqueese Javondre. True story.

  8. I know. Laugh is the best possible remedy. Almost always, and maybe even all-ways.

    This also happened to me, and a young woman at our bank was so helpful, I swear she had wings.

    Coffee. How dare they?

  9. Beatrice sounds fabu probably gets lots of coffee via mail too!

  10. Ooh, I like Beatrice too. Though I'd prefer to spell it Beatriz. More exotic. I recently found a $300 charge on my ATM card that wasn't me. The saddest part? Somebody had used my ATM number to buy tickets to Disneyland. Isn't that sad?

  11. hmmm, i like the idea of switching identities...

  12. I think you're on to something! Maybe the punishment for people who steal others' money via ATMs and checking accounts ought to have to pay off the entire debt of the person whose money they took. That would certainly cause them to think twice, I'm betting!

    As for us, last week I found several 'cash grabs' from ATM machines in Mexico out of our account. I hope they were using it to feed kids and not support the drug wars.



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