Sunday, April 3, 2011

What went on

around here, today:

Elizabeth the Baker baked a cake

Oliver and The Husband picked chard and cabbage from the garden

and planted carrots

Elizabeth the Laundress did loads of laundry

Elizabeth the Parent Expert earned some money
Sophie looked lovely in her room

One perfect rose bloomed
Lemons clustered next to the birdbath

Clivia mocked everyone with orange

The Silk Floss Tree watched it all


  1. Am so jealous that you have things growing in your garden already!

    I've just gotten the beds cleaned out, we won't be planting anything for a few weeks.

    We have the same tree face thingie...

  2. the clivia is a revelation!

    did sophie get a haircut?


  3. I'm jealous. The ground is still covered with snow here but the sun is shining and the snow is beginning to recede. I think I found a place to live.

  4. !!!!

    love this post, Elizabeth.

  5. What a jubilate poem. That tree! O bog it made me smile.

    I have a small gargoyle holding his nose in my bathroom where the toilet paper should be. It startles people sometimes. I just stick the toilet paper on the handle of the sink. I can't bear to part with the little guy.


  6. What a lovely Sunday in your neck of the woods.

  7. Elizabeth the blogger makes me smile :)

  8. Sounds like a good sort of day.


  9. Those cakes......I could dive into that picture! Love Sophie's purple room....purple rules!

  10. Sounds like weekends around here - except right now we have nothing green or growing. I noticed that Sophie's room looks so SOFT. It is her little nest - a metaphor of what you have created for her in this world.

  11. Beautiful. Right now I'm looking out the window at the tenth straight day of pouring rain and so I think I'll quickly close this comment window and go back to looking at photos of your garden. And the cake. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love Sophie's room!!! So cozy and great light. :-)

  13. Since you are a baker, I have a question to ask about cake pans...which ones do you use?

    Your chocolate layers are driving me wild with lust for a bite!

    Any garden makes me wish we didn't have deer, gophers and heat.

  14. I got stuck at the photo of Sophie's room - the colors, the softness! I would so love to sit with you & Sophie in that lavender haven. Had to come back to see the rest of this posting. The cake - and the photo with its "clothes" on (above) - OH! SWEET GOODNESS!

    We have faces on trees in our woods, like the one you have - one near the house, and one by the road. Such fun, and a surprise to visitors!

  15. so perfect, every word, deed, and action.

  16. sounds like a productive and a good day. the photos are lovely...

  17. oooooooooh, look at your lovely, neat gardens, and your harvest! now I want to see more!
    Great pics, sounds like a perfect day.
    Love Sophie's purple everywhere.



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