Monday, September 30, 2013

By the way

You have to go see the new Nicole Holofcener movie, starring James Gandolfini and Julia Louis Dreyfuss. The moment Gandolfini appeared on the screen, my eyes teared up, and even though the movie was poignant more than sad, I cried off and on throughout. I can't imagine why Gandolfini's death affected me as much as it has other than I'm fifty years old and a doddering fool.


  1. Oh, I want to see it! You cried because it's about love. And sweetness. And love which is sweet. Is that close?

  2. Yes. Me too.. I think because Gandolfini was such an authentically nice person. And his friends called him jimmy and everyone he worked with adored him. He reminded me so much of my father in personality power size the easy laugh and the ever present cigar.

  3. Saw it this weekend -- Loved it with all of my being (secretly wish to be Julia Louis Dreyfus). I loved how unpretentious it was. I loved that she was allowed to really make a mistake and be a person who would make a mistake and then not have the point of the movie be some huge change of being. I loved that he was kind without being a sap (and I loved that Catherine Keener was not that kind and yet you could still see why Eva wanted to be her friend). I was still crying on and off one hour later.

  4. I love Julia Louis Dreyfus, and there's something poignant about seeing someone on film so soon after their death, so I can imagine why you would react that way.



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