Saturday, September 21, 2013

Looking through windows

I brought my birthday zodiacal month (Virgo) to a close last night with a terrific dinner at a local wine bar. My friends L and C treated me to wine tasting, mussels, shrimp, small plates of olives, crunchy chickpeas and smoked salmon and a few spectacular desserts. The fact that we sat right next to a woman with the Loudest Voice and Most Obnoxious Laugh in the Universe did not stop our own wonderful conversation, and I am once again filled with gratitude at the blessings of friendship.

I'm off to the first baseball game of the season. It's Fall Ball for Oliver. I'm sure that the haircut, color and blow-out I had yesterday will stand me well for another season of sitting in the bleachers at baseball fields in the Valley. If only sitting in the bleachers of baseball fields was slenderizing and brought peace to the soul.

What's going on with you today?


  1. Visiting people in the hospital. Just not fun.
    At all.
    At least I could leave.

  2. Enjoying being "marooned" at home in a rain storm. Writing. Eating cannellini beans warmed in olive oil and sage with lemon and tuna (my new favorite food). Vacuuming up dead love bugs, which I hope to God are gone for another year.

    Your dark eyes are full of mischief.

  3. Games on the computer, crafty hobbies, and taking my college kid to dinner.

  4. I laughed out loud at the hair dryer picture. I love that you are a woman who can post her hair dryer picture. Your eyes, they dance.

  5. Glad the obnoxious woman didn't ruin your evening, STM and I moved tables recently because of someone like that. The lack of self-awareness is mind blowing!



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