Monday, September 9, 2013

Imagine That

Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

I know ya'll think of me as the Ellen Burstyn character in Requiem for a Dream, but what if I told you to imagine me as Elizabeth Taylor in Maggie the Cat's white slip, languorously standing in the doorway of my bedroom, come hither --

Do you know that the Powers That Be called this morning and cancelled the NEUROLOGICAL appointment? They acknowledged that they had gotten sufficient information from The Neurologist (Sophie's regular one) that I had directed them to call when in my former Ellen Burstyn mode and had decided that yes, indeed, Sophie was sufficiently disabled to warrant continued SSI.

Imagine that, my friend Jenni texted me earlier when I told her.

Yes, imagine that!

Thank the animal gods, thank the universe, thank my lucky stars, the good Lord, Jesus Christ, Allah, Muhammad, the Buddha, and Ellen Burstyn.

Thank Elizabeth Taylor for giving me an out.


  1. I'm sorry they put you through hell.

    You sexy thing.

  2. On your last post I was thinking it is a good thing you are not a violent person. Then I was thinking if only I could whisper to So[hie all the things she could do to make this appointment one they will never, ever forget -- which I forgot I could do because it is all a sham. But now that they believe it is real, there goes that fun. Truly I am glad you did not have to go thru that ridiculousness and am sorry you even had to contemplate it. Sweet Jo

  3. Wow! I can hardly believe that common sense, in this case, ruled!
    I am so glad you did not have to go through that foolishness.

  4. Yet another birthday gift? Go ahead, take this as a sign that you ought to do something truly decadent and indulgent with the time you gained.

  5. I'm happy for you, but I have to admit I was really looking forward to your post after the neurological. And the photo that would have accompanied it.

  6. I'm glad for both you and Sophie that you had a reprieve and that your eyes are now lavender.

  7. Maybe those assholes are reading your blog and decided to show mercy to your weary soul!

  8. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY someone in the doomed dank corridors of Bureaucratic Hell woke up to find the Great Wizard had granted him a heart. Oh bog this is such a relief and a blessing and a surcease of at least a little bit of stress and worry on your part and on Sophie’s. HALLELUJAH!!!


  9. Excellent! I'm amazed that someone took the time to figure out that they had the info they needed. Woo hoo!

  10. Glory glory hallelujah.

    I prefer you over Liz any day. She is cool. You are warm.



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