Monday, September 9, 2013

Punch Drunk, Insane and Bitter, Part 2

I've posted the above photo of Ellen Burstyn as the diet pill-addicted mother in the creepy movie Requiem for a Dream a number of times because I absolutely feel like I look exactly like that (well, maybe exactly with dark hair) during certain trying times in my life.

Like this morning.

When you read this, I will be at a clinic somewhere in the hinterlands of Los Angeles, with Sophie. Sophie will be receiving a NEUROLOGICAL exam to ascertain whether she is, indeed, disabled and whether she qualifies and can continue receiving Supplemental Security Income. I wrote about this on an earlier post that you can review here, if you like. Scroll down through the other jibber-jabber to read specifically about the NEUROLOGICAL exam.

In my mind, I can put on my best Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream nightmare face and laugh maniacally about how the jig is up! Sophie is going to receive a NEUROLOGICAL exam, and our long eighteen plus years of pretending that those pesky seizures are more than fig newtons of our imagination is going to be revealed! It was a good run while it lasted! A crazy, kooky run! Hopefully, Sophie won't completely blow the show and start reciting Wallace Stevens poetry or do one of her amazing back flips!

In reality, I'll be taking notes to share with ya'll later today. I bet you can't wait.


  1. Well, that's another day of your life you'll never be able to get back.
    "Fig newtons of our imagination." Haha!
    Can I ask a stupid question- why must this be repeated over and over? Can't it be signed, sealed and permanently stated that Sophie's disabilities are profound?

  2. My, god. Who comes up with this shit? And how much does this shit cost when that money can be used in other areas that are important?

  3. Sophie has seizures? Damn, I need to catch up on your blog.

  4. well, you had a good run. now back to regularly scheduled programming.

    it is a wonder you are as sane as you are. and i mean that as the biggest compliment. because i know that everyone deals with what they are given and that calling you a saint of any kind is patronizing, but, fuck man. you amaze me. because you do all of this with grace and humor and love.

  5. Don't let Sophie drive to the clinic. The whole sham would come crashing down upon the two of you!


  6. It is an absolutely ridiculous system. The thing is, we would give them every penny we own, plus sell body parts just to not NEED the "services" they offer. I hope it's a benign meeting and moves things along quickly enough.

  7. May something lovely and amazing cross your paths today as you run this useless errand.

  8. Oh lordy lordy lordy lordy lord!!
    Isn't there a certified letter from some certified neurologist you could just fax these certifiably nutso beaurocrats to satisfy their certification requirements? Or just fax that photo of Ellen B with a note saying, You're kidding, right? Or something, dammit. What foolishness.

  9. I am feeling a little like that right this minute, myself. Keep checking the clock to see if it's Beer O'Clock, and darn, it still isn't.



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