Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thelma and Louise

Here they are, evidently escaping from school. Thelma is deliriously happy, as you can see, and Louise perhaps skeptical. I think what's happened is that Mr. Red Who is Purple tried to get them to make jungle animals out of tissue paper while taking turns, and they'd just had enough.

Thelma's mother and I will soon jump into the most fabulous restored Airstream that you've ever seen and join them in the desert. We won't be killing ourselves, by the way, just taking a break from the bullshit.


  1. Here's hoping the Airstream is stocked with good booze, decadent snacks and soft pillows.

  2. May Brad Pitt be hitch-hiking when you do. Slow that teal convertible down and pick his ass UP. But don't leave your money where he can find it.

  3. Totally brilliant! Sweet Jo

  4. Everybody's escaping, and that's not a bad thing. And ditto, Mary Moon!

  5. Yeah, don't take flight in any convertibles. That only works in movies. :)



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