Monday, August 11, 2014

This Night Only

I opened up this file last night while I sat on Sophie's purple beanbag chair and the sun went down and the super moon went up.

Rexroth's voice was an incantation, and the Satie tinkled behind.

Let's go to Malibu.

Listen to it here.


An Easy Song

"It’s rained every day since you
Went away. I’ve been lonely.
Lonely, empty, tenderness —
Longing to kiss the corners
Of your mouth as you smile
Your special, inward, sensual,
And ironic smile I love
Because I know it means you
Are content — content in French —
A special, inward, sensual,
And ironic state of bliss.
Tu es contente, ma chèrie?
I am, even if lonely,
Because I can call to mind
Your body in a warm room,
In the rainy winter night,
A rose on the hearth of winter,
A rose cloud standing naked,
In the perfume of your flesh.
Moi aussi, je suis content."

Kenneth Rexroth

And here:

Air and Angels:This Night Only

Moonlight   now    on Malibu
The winter night    the few stars
Far away   millions    of miles
The sea   going on    and on
Forever     around   the earth
Far    and     far     as your lips    are near
Filled    with the same light     as your eyes
Darling     darling     darling
The future     is long gone by
And the past     will never happen
We have     only this
Our one forever
So small    so infinite
So brief    so vast
Immortal     as our hands that touch
Deathless     as the firelit wine we drink
Almighty      as this single kiss
That has no beginning
That will never

Kenneth Rexroth

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  1. Wow. "The future's long gone by and the past will never happen...."



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