Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rainy Day Music

This makes me think of a rainy night in Newport, Rhode Island, an old movie theater, running from there to here, faces wet, the way he kissed the drops, pushing away the cold of Canada, the older woman, our laughing through screens, my long legs.


  1. Oh my Lord. What incredible rainy-day perfection. I listened to every note. I was thinking of my own times of rain-kissed-from face and so forth.
    Thank you.

  2. I love and adore this song -- my memory: the movie Diva, sophomore year in college. Renting a VCR (and then the movie) and watching it with friends again and again and again. I wonder what that movie would be like now?

    1. Claire -- would you believe my memory that I wrote of was leaving the movie "Diva" that night (I must be much older than you because we had no VCRs) -- and the movie is still evocative of a certain time in my life, so I enjoy it -- remember the aria sung by the black woman?

    2. I remember the boy (girl?) roller skating around the fabulous Paris apartment and the man spreading butter and caviar on a baguette -- what I thought was the height of sophistication! This would have been 1985 (I am not that much younger!) and we would go to a video store and rent the vcr and the movie. I was 20 and I thought everything there was to love about life was in that movie (and not really yet in my life). Have you watched the movie more recently? My rewatching of Buckaroo Bonzai did not go over quite as well. But maybe I could now get my son to love it.

  3. Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your comment; I know that you love and are proud of L.A. If I knew that we had a spare day, I would have contacted you but this was an all about the kids week. Perhaps next January, we could touch base and get some insight into the real L.A. as we are considering relocating to Southern California within the next 5 years. I suspect our boys would get along famously and I would love to meet your beautiful Sophie. I also suspect that with our five years in Switzerland, we might have some extra commonality. In goes without saying that I would LOVE to meet with you. Cheers, xx



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