Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Idle Thought of the Evening to Cheer You Up

If that old photo of me on the board with that cute man riding the waves doesn't cheer you up, then maybe this idle thought that I just had as I lay on Sophie's bed in her room will. I know everyone is feeling incredibly glum. Nervous, Anxious. Nauseous. Filled with anger. Overflowing with lassitude. A deep sense of futility.

I'll remind you, though, of that time Bush won the presidential election the second time.

Remember that? Remember that morning, especially those of you in Los Angeles who walked into the preschool parking lot with me and had to look at the folks who'd been sporting big Ws on their Range Rovers?

Remember how you felt?

Do you feel worse now or better?

I'm feeling so much better that I hauled my old doddering ass off of Sophie's bed, scanned that old photo of myself on the surfboard with the cute man riding the waves and typed out this post.

Come on! Don't you feel a bit better?


  1. Uh-huh. I'm starting to feel better.
    Thank you.
    I think I dated that guy before you did.

  2. Yes, I remember how I felt when bush was re-elected. Are you sure that's you on the surfboard? 'cause it looks a lot like me. Before I say "goodnight", I'll say "don't give an inch Mr. President".

    1. I'm feeling a whole lot worse than I did yesterday at this time about the future of the US, but I sure love you, you total stranger on the internet you.

  3. If that's not you on that surf board it should be. I always feel a bit of a lift when I see a post from you Dear Elizabeth. I have felt that the US of A has been sold down the river by the Money Men for years now. Maybe it's just the Outsider perspective. Sending love anyway. N2

  4. Loving and adoring you from Florida.

  5. Thanks for that perspective. I feel much better now than I did then.

  6. Yes, that's you on the surfboard....I was on the other one.

  7. This whole thing is totally not understandable for us here in Europe, I mean the health?!? Every European State has a different approach to public health, some is better than the others, some is totally free, some you pay too much to obtein what you need, some is expensive and functional, but no one will ask you your credit card at the hospital admittance!

  8. Forgot my name: I'm Angela!

  9. I do feel a little less nauseous, yes. Thank you. And now I shall go drink my tea and meditate and hide from the news.

  10. You are correct. Everything is relative. I was in New Zealand when Bush won a second time, and I went to a pub where the bartender said to me, "WHAT are you people THINKING?!"



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