Saturday, October 26, 2013

Irreverence as a Coping Strategy, Part II: Another Medical Marijuana Update

I'm getting ready to attend the medical marijuana news conference with the people from Realm of Caring and have decided to deflect my nervousness by wearing this costume. I'm counting on the fact that most of the 400-plus people in attendance will be those families who have children or young adults with severe seizure disorders and are all thus slightly insane with the stress of it all. Also, the official color for epilepsy is purple, and therefore makes this an appropriate outfit, no?

Plus, might there be someone in attendance who has a distinct fetish for Teletubbies?

If you're in the dark, read Part I here.


  1. Ah, Elizabeth, I am breathing in and out for you. Concentrating hard on that. You make a very adorable if befuddled looking Teletubby.

  2. After many years as a practicing slut I discovered that there is a fetish for everything. Go forth Purple Wonder. I adore you and I love that photo with my whole heart.

  3. I think it was Jerry Falwell who had a thing about teletubbies ...

  4. LOL - great costume, though I think your antenna is drooping. Just sayin'.



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