Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Insane Caregiver's Week-end Wrap-up

Lots of funny comments on that last post about how we caregivers are going to live a long, long time -- a lot longer than you normal folks.

I left yesterday morning for Palm Springs with my friend Cara. We had a quick, 24-hour getaway, which will probably guarantee that I live even longer than I might have, and I sat mainly here on the bed and played WordFeud with my friend D, read a New Yorker and a Real Simple, and started Jayne Ann Phillips' new novel. We also sat by the pool and then stood in the pool. Then we went back to our room and watched The Butler in the middle of the afternoon. I ate steak for dinner, drank a fizzy bourbon cocktail and a beer, took a bath in an enormous tiled bathtub and fell into bed slightly buzzed by more alcohol than I've drunk in a long time and the hot water of the bath. I fell asleep and woke once or twice to the hum of the air-conditioner and the relief of knowing that in the morning I'd still be here, on the bed with the cool, white sheets in the room with the cool, blue door.

Outside, it looked like this (no filters, baby! -- the sky is that blue!):

and this (no shots of me in my bathing suit, unfiltered!):

and inside it looked like this:

and I looked like this:

and not like this (remember, that's me, sometime in the distant future):

On the way home this afternoon, we passed these guys in this car:

and decided to get off the exit with them and drive away through the windmill fields:

There's no telling where we'll be tonight. Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. Nothing like a crone, madwoman, renegade on the loose! Suz Anon

  2. OHMYGOD! The colors! Jeez, Elizabeth! All of it. Like a dream of a dream. In Technicolor! I am so glad you had that time. May you just live forever now under that blue, blue sky.

  3. Thank goodness for Cara and D. Were you at La Quinta? That is by far my favorite place in the desert. Love those blue doors!

  4. I love the picture of your red toes and the blue door, and of course your stunning face, like the sun! When I met Noah his parents lived in Palm Desert (technically La Quinta) and I have the best memories of the few times we visited there. I'm so glad you got to getaway.

  5. The guy in the car looks like he drove right off the page of Variety magazine circa 1955! Even has the happy smile!

  6. Im DYING of jealousy over here! You deserve a beautiful getaway :)

  7. I am so happy that you got away with your friend. It looks like La Quinta to me, too - love that mountain range in the background and the blue, blue sky. I hope that feeling stays with you for a long time...freedom, rest, friendship, stream-of-consciousness, room service, reading...

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  9. Aahh! Sweet respite. You deserve it, Dear Elizabeth. x0 N2

  10. It looks and sounds lovely. I don't think caregivers actually live longer, it just feels longer:)

  11. Daggum - how'd you get that pic of me with the cigar? thought I'd destroyed the evidence.
    Love this post -- reads like a children's book. Maurice Sendak meets Thelma and Louise.
    So glad you escaped, and I hope you ended up someplace magical on the return trip.

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Palm Springs. I am so glad you spent some time out that way.

    Who IS that woman with the cigar? Those are incredible photographs.



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