Friday, October 25, 2013

Reading in Bed

via The Improvised Life

  1. Don't answer the phone, even when you know who's calling.
  2. Keep reading Jayne Anne Philip's new novel in your pajamas and Expressing Motherhood sweatshirt in bed despite the phone ringing and the emails pinging.
  3. Change the soaked bed-sheets again but only curse about it in your head.
  4. Believe that since you were awake most of the night because your daughter was awake and then had to drive your son to his godforsaken school in the valley and then had to drop your other son off and then had to race home to dress and brush your daughter's hair because The Husband is incapable of that (and only that) part of her caregiving and then strip the soaked bed-sheets, it's all right to be reading Jayne Anne Philip's new novel in your pajamas and Expressing Motherhood sweatshirt in bed.
  5. Don't go to the grocery store, again, despite there being no bread, eggs or milk (except for one gallon of raw milk that has mysteriously appeared there, probably placed there by The Husband who has Swiss tendencies to ignore American fears of bacteria and death by food poisoning) in the fridge. 
  6. Don't go to Target for a few necessary items, including wipes because that's an item that you'll be using for at least another eighteen years and you can probably rummage up a pack in the earthquake survival kit.
  7. Download another book on the Kindle that you might not get to for months.
  8. Keep reading Jayne Anne Philip's new novel in your pajamas and Expressing Motherhood sweatshirt in bed despite all of the above.
Reader, tell me how irresponsible you can be.


  1. Don't pick up the children from after school care. Don't clean the house for tomorrow's sitters. Don't get dressed for the party. Don't make the dip for the party. Start pre-drinking for the party and read Elizabeth's blog instead.

    I think we're doing this right.

  2. Reading in bed is quite enough for one, or more, days.


  3. I take great pride in the fact that the dirty clothes in my house are washed and dried. But folded?? Often days later, and my children have been known to dress themselves from the clean laundry basket and/or the pile of clean and folded but not-put-away clothes by their bedroom doors.

  4. If one can manage it, there should be one day each week when you stay in your pajamas all day. I don't manage this every week, but by god, it's a goal! It's good to have goals.

  5. It's very important that you download the Kindle book IMMEDIATELY on account of if you don't you might quickly forget you ever wanted to read it because there are so many books that we need. Solid.

    I'm Rebecca Loudon and I endorse this announcement.


  6. I'm not doing laundry despite being down to the nibbins. I just ordered food to go pick up because I am too lazy to cook and even if I wasn't there are only minimal food stuffs int he house. Threw my hair up in a ponytail today and didn't shower because hey, it's Friday. I could keep going but I need to go pick up that food!

  7. I like Angella's idea. You deserve a rest, however that looks to you!

  8. Sometimes it would be irresponsible NOT to avoid responsibility.

  9. Stealing from the earthquake survival kit is my favorite.

  10. I don't see a thing wrong with lying in bed reading while the children are at school. And when Henry is old enough to drive, you can send him to the store for things like milk and wipes and he will be thrilled for a chance to drive, never minding that you're lying in bed.



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