Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just consider yourselves family and scroll on through

In case you hadn't heard, it's been raining here in sunny Los Angeles for days and days and days. Our backyard is a muddy ocean, but we're warm inside, making cookies and driving each other nuts. Sophie is sleeping and sleeping (and seizing and seizing). It was thundering and lightening -- weird, weird, weird -- and I'm just this shy of becoming a weather conspiracy person (you know, blame it all on the Pentagon). I just snapped a rainbow that is arching over the house across the street but I think you've seen enough photos for now.

Stay tuned for the super-8 family movies.


  1. These are all so beautiful and I am so tired but I just wanted to tell you I have seen them and thank-you for sharing your family with us, now and all year 'round.

  2. Okay, so I guess I'm not the only one who is getting cabin fever. I had to cancel everything today because roads are blocked, streets are closed down and it's flooding around here. Crazy.

    I love these Christmas cards. Your kids are just so darn beautiful. You know Sophie's old pictures reminded me of Izzy for some reason. Phil said the same thing, so it's not just me going crazy in solitary confinement.

  3. Love seeing all of these photo/cards. Take care with the weather. It does sound weird weird weird. xo

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these! The '05 card is just too cute!

    I'm going offline for a few days, so I wanted to stop in tonight and wish you and yours a most beautiful Christmas! xo

  5. Oh have I heard it's raining .. living it right along with you and our home sounds much like yours.. driving each other crazy.My little 7 year old bundle of energy,insert EXTREME ADHD her,is bouncing off the walls.Literally.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards with us and most especially your beautiful family.

  6. I've been thinking of you and hoping for improved weather.

    You know you will be famous (as in book-signing famous) before long, don't you? Your words & photos break us all open to that place where we laugh, scream, cry, rage, and -- most of all -- love.

    Merry Christmas, all y'all.

  7. You have such a beautiful family and I enjoyed seeing the progression. Bring on those movies!

    I've heard of all that rain, something like half the season in a couple of days. That's a lot of mud! We, on the other hand are expecting more snow. *sigh*

  8. Yes, I've been hearing about the rain - thought of you last night as I was watching the weather report. Glad you're staying dry and baking cookies, sorry to hear Sophie's been seizing so continually : (

    I LOVED seeing your family cards. Funny that you should mention super 8's - my brother is here from CA and has brought DVD's of all my dad's home movies of us kids. It should be interesting...

  9. I have just been in awe seeing these.
    Feeling them really.
    Their love clinging to my soul.

    love to you
    prayers for Sophie
    for all of you

  10. Your children are absolutely beautiful :) I have gone a little weather crazy here, we are having massive snow again *sighs* Oh well, it will be a white Christmas for sure.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas:)


  11. I have loved looking at all your old Christmas cards. It's so much fun. :)

    This weather is enough to make us all INSANE. If it doesn't stop raining soon, we might literally lose our minds. Emily is right there with Sophie, seizing and seizing. I am convinced the barometric pressure affects her seizures like it does my migraines!



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