Saturday, February 17, 2018

Don’t Give Up

I have a feeling that things are going to change. Between the kids themselves stepping up and speaking clearly and demanding accountability, and the growing power of resistance groups organizing with renewed energy, we’re going to change things. Women’s voices, raised in anger and in force (not violence) will propel this change. We will make the opposition irrelevant.  I have a feeling. So don’t give up.


  1. You know what? I feel a change in the wind as well. A turning of the tide, perhaps. Oh please, let it be so and let us not give up until there is real and concrete change.

  2. Reposted to Facebook. I live 20 minutes from Parkland and the hospital where 8 of the victims were brought is on the my street. Thank you. I enjoy your posts.

  3. See this article on trends in US gun sales.

    Gun sales are flat in Republican presidencies because less fear of tighter laws. Gun sales boom in Democrat presidencies because no fear of regulation. Some US gun companies are nearing bankruptcy nowadays.

    A good way to hit these companies would be for every mutual fund, retirement plan, savings, everything, to divest from any and all gun companies.

    Repeal the Second Amendment. Its day has gone, and it is not doing anything positive for US society.

    Just like if people were to share pictures of their young kids on social media smoking or doing something dangerous, the "authorities" would take action, the same must happen for people who post and boast about their kids handling guns.

    This gun-worshipping culture in the US must be changed.


  4. I hope you're right, Elizabeth.

  5. When the student from Douglas High School said: "This isn't about your prayers, this is about guns" - I felt that jolt that yes, things are changing.
    NOT giving up!

  6. I am feeling the same thing. People who I know are speaking out and they are ones who have never been vocal before. It's slow but change is coming .

  7. LOTS of activity and rallies all over Florida right now. People have had it. And the young people are coming on board. So much hope.

  8. I hope you're right. Hope hope hope!

  9. I have the same feeling...and another one...why, could that be hope?

  10. I am a life time member of the NRA and we will have to agree to disagree about that! I am 51 years old and I was raised around guns my entire life and I was 12 years old when my god father who is a gun collector took me to my first gun show! I have deep respect for guns! I am a very strong believer in the second amendment right to bear arms!I am also a mom who has raised her child around guns just like I was! And you don't see us shooting up schools! If you want to blame someone blame the FBI because they knew about the shooter on January 5th of this year and never once bothered to tell the school that there was a problem! It is so easy to blame the NRA and guns because you don't have the answers to the stuff that really matters! The system failed the school by that I mean the FBI had they followed their own protocol and told the school and the police about the shooter being on their radar the shooting would not have happened! You cant blame a gun for a huge system failure!

    1. At this point, Paige Lovelace, while I appreciate you reaching out with your exclamation points, I am not going to "agree to disagree." Anymore. Enough. I'm going to absolutely and unequivocally disagree with you and fight against the NRA and all those who support them, which sounds like might include you, too. I will do so -- always -- non-violently, as I believe, in the words of Marilynne Robinson: "The reason I wouldn’t carry a gun is because it is an immoral act walking around imagining you’re going to kill someone. It’s a recipe for a completely deranged society. It’s grotesque.”



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