Thursday, February 15, 2018

Russian Bots

So, I’ve got an interesting twist on yesterday’s post. This morning I learned that the man who had wished for me to be “sterilized” when I stated my antipathy to guns (I actually called for them to be melted. I was emotional) on a friend’s thread on Facebook, was actually not a man at all. I had joked to another commenter also insulted that he might not even be a person, but, rather, a Russian bot. Reader, I don’t know what the hell a Russian bot is, but we use language like this now. Willy nilly. Apparently, someone was impersonating my friend’s friend — was it a hack job or a Russian bot?

What is going on?

The world is ugly and the people are sad. Piles of dead children are growing.

Someone from Russia tried to reach me yesterday. There’s a screenshot of the number.

What is going on?


  1. Hopefully, it was just a weird, bizarre coincidental thing.
    But really.
    Who the fuck knows?

  2. Russian bots are real. Armies of techies who get their daily talking points and then flood social media to drive the conversation and stir up antagonisms. The bots are American too. It was all bots calling for the release of the Nunez memo a couple weeks ago. And bots are why Cheeto Satan’s supporters are so fucking loud. Crazy times.

  3. Weird!! Even more reason to stay off Facebook!



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