Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rhetorical Questions, Part 465,789 with Photos

1. Why is the process of finding, paying for and getting a wheelchair-accessible vehicle so labyrinthine?


        Why is the process for finding, paying for and getting a wheelchair so labyrinthine?

2. Why does the potential advent of Clobazam Oral Soluble Film not excite me?


     Why does the potential for an easier delivery of Onfi (that's clobazam) -- likened to a               dissolving postage-stamp sized film -- make me die a little inside.

Jimi Hendrix Acid Tabs
image found on the interwebs

(HINT: It's not because of Jimi Hendrix or LSD)

These are rhetorical questions.

3. Why are we able to launch a rocket into space with a luxury car inside of it?


       Why does this make me feel weary?

Elon Musk's recent venture

4. Why do we still have to pierce the skin with a primitive needle to get to a vein yet are able to inject a nuclear substance into that vein which will then carry it to the brain where it will light up metabolic pathways and provide information?

Vintage photo of brain imaging equipment

5.  Why did Sophie's most recent bout of seizures stop when I gave her a double dose of cannabis medicine, yet the Powers That Be maintain it has no medicinal benefit?

These are rhetorical questions.

Tiny little mother minds™ ask none but those.


  1. It is a struggle to not get weary with the amount of BS out there these days.

  2. I have no answers but another question- who made up the word Clobazam?
    Shazzam! It's Clobazam!
    I love you.

  3. Rhetorical questions, but good ones too! Of all the things to export into space, an automobile would not be my first choice.

    Apropos of nothing, I wonder who designed the artwork on that acid tab? Because it's pretty amazing.

  4. Colbazam. It clobbers you. Who thought that was a good name for medicine? As you see, I have no answers for your piercing questions.
    But I am here, bearing witness. With love.

  5. Was it a double dose of CBD oil? It's encouraging to hear that worked. Don't you just love how most doctors - all over the world - dismiss our experiences with cannabis as inconsequebtial because they're "just anecdotal".

  6. Sigh. I’m reduced to just being glad, no, thrilled, that Sophie’s seizures were stopped by something without adverse side effects. Too often we are stuck with begging for cease of seizures at nearly any cost, Onfi and worse. That we are still here with a car in out of space and all the other advances that are bragged about, is pathetic.

  7. Thank you for your tiny little mother mind, writing so eloquently. I'm glad Sophie's is having fewer seizures, thanks to your little mother mind.

  8. The rhetorical why. It's exhausting, sucking your energy away bit by bit. Especially at this time. It's heartbreaking that there are so many in your journey with Sophie. But the fact that Sophie's use of cannabis helps her so much is just a YES!
    I'm so glad that she is getting relief.

  9. As Rebecca said, I too am just reduced to being happy Sophie got relief from the seizures by a method that isn't so damaging. I have no adequate words for the rest... just disgust mostly.



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