Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter in Southern California and The Guadalupe Valley, Baja

Don't be jealous.

Gray whale breach

My little sister Melissa and I

Old dear friends -- Brumi Winery in Baja

The view from my shower

The Wall (the thing that fucker in the White House wants built higher and wider)


  1. I am not jealous. I am thrilled for you. This is all sustenance. This is all the very essence of what you need.

  2. I'm delighted for you having this Wonderful Experience with Friends and Loved Ones in such a Beautiful Place... and I can't help it, a bit jealous, it's quite Fabulous after all! *winks*

  3. So happy for you to be with wonderful friends in such a beautiful place. The photo of the gray whale brought me a pleasant memory of taking a whale watching expedition off San Diego on a long ago February day. I am looking out my window on snow.


  4. I'm envious that you can go outside without a heavy coat, boots, mitts, long underwear, fleece and a toque. Sigh.

    It looks lovely. I'm glad you're having a good time.

  5. Fantastico! (Well, all except the wall, obviously.) That shower view is especially amazing.

  6. Good to travel with loved ones to a beautiful place and not forget the presence of the wall.

  7. The cacti are spectacular; they look strangely like shapes that could grow on the sea floor.

  8. Gorgeous pictures, yes, except for hideous wall. You look so happy and peaceful, it's lovely to see.

  9. Adventures with your loves, romantic, family, girlfriends--how absolutely wonderful, all of it (except the wall and the fucker in the white house of course). Nothing better than being out in the world, living life with a full heart. Enjoy, enjoy.



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