Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Three Line Movie Review

The Trip to Italy
dir. Michael Winterbottom

Two handsome in the way that I like middle-aged men go on a culinary tour of Italy, retracing the steps of the Romantic poets, namely Lord Byron, keeping up a steady stream of witty banter and driving along the requisite Italian roads with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean . They do brilliant improvisations of famous actors while bemoaning their own advancing age, receive the exquisite offerings of food brought to them in perfect Italian restaurants, converse with their families back home and people they meet on the road, conveying in a charming and poignant, utterly original way what longing means -- even what it means to be human. I floated out of the movie to strains of Italian opera and am now officially completely smitten by Steve Coogan.

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  1. Bravo!
    Sounds like the sort of movie I would adore.

  2. Okay! Well now that's on my list! I love these three line movie reviews, just absolutely adore them.

  3. I loved it, too. Saw it with friends a week or so ago and am still smiling about certain moments the two of them had, both together and apart. Loved the beauty of the whole thing as it works so simply but deeply on several levels, as you point out. I've seen nearly everything Steve Coogan is in, including the first, "The Trip" with Rob Brydon across the Yorkshire moors. I recommend that one, too. They are brilliant.

  4. I enjoyed the movie as well. The only part I didn't like was one of the characters hooking up with the very young woman. Typical middle-aged men fantasy stuff. This seemed to allow one middle-aged man in the audience to let out a - no other way to describe it - sexual moan - at the sight of the young Italian women in bikinis.

  5. I love your three line reviews - and this one makes me want to tour Italy in a convertible car for some odd reason.

  6. Loved Steve Coogan in Philomena.



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